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Changing Lives

in Sierra Leone

Only 5% of students in Sierra Leone who are able to finish high school have the opportunity to attend college or university.*

*Sierra Leone Education Policy and Data Center (EPDC, 2014)

What We’re Doing About It

The Sierra Leone Educational Partnership (SLEP) is a registered Canadian charity that was created to provide scholarships to students in Sierra Leone who have demonstrated academic excellence and are in verifiable financial need.

We have partnered with the Canadian College of Modern Technology (CCMT), a non-profit, fully accredited college, located in Mile 91, Sierra Leone, and to date have awarded over 250 scholarships. Each scholarship includes tuition fees for one year, textbooks, laptop, accommodation and meals, and the possibility of renewal based on academic standing and available funds.

What Our Students Say

“I never thought it was possible to have all my college paid and receive three meals a day. Thanks to SLEP for the help.”

“If it was not for SLEP helping me go to school, I would be living on the street. I am 21 years old and had never touched a computer.”

SLEP Board Members Visit CCMT

In December of 2018, two members of the SLEP board visited the Canadian College of Modern Technology and presented scholarships at an award ceremony. Time was spent engaging with the students and learning about their issues and their country. The campus visit included joining them in the canteen, observing some of the classes, and meeting with teaching staff. Visits were also made to local villages and families, and the orphanage where some of the students had lived.

“That first day we arrived at the college was very moving. As we drove in, students and staff lined the roads waving, eagerly awaiting our arrival. I had seen photos of the college and students, but to actually be there was something else. There was an assembly with introductions, and students performed welcome dances, songs and skits for us. We were thanked many times for coming, and scholarship recipients expressed their gratitude for the opportunity they were given. They were in disbelief that we came all the way from Canada to see them. Selecting scholarship recipients is a task that weighs heavily on us. Most of the life stories and desperate situations that are submitted with applications are heart- wrenching, and to now put faces to these names was so meaningful.”
– Darlene Henderson

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